Apple plans to enter server market with custom proprietary Apple Silicon

Apple launched a custom chip in iPhone and iPad line-up and in 2020, it began to transition the Mac line-up to Apple Silicon with M1 chips with commendable performance and battery life. Now, YouTuber @Moore’s Law is Dead claims that the Cupertino tech giant is developing its own server chips to enter the server market. 

In partnership with the world’s leading foundry, The Taiwanese Semiconductor Company (TSMC), Apple has delivered products that outshine the competition in performance and capabilities, if not in design. As iPhone 13 is criticized for being very similar to iPhone 12, the report notes that the real innovation is under the surface. And building on what Apple has achieved so far, the company is developing its own server chip like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and others. 

Using Apple’s proprietary chip designs, a compact iPhone can dramatically outperform a desktop unit running on Intel hardware-complete with cooling fans and a ~250 watt power supply-in computationally intensive tasks such as video rendering. 


Apple’s entry into the server market is a logical step for the company

@Moore’s Law is Dead has a reliable track record, and the YouTuber’s podcast is featured in industry publications, often. Thus, news coming from the source holds weight. Seeking Alpha writes that the increasing demand for cloud services makes entry into the server market a logical step for the Cupertino tech company. 

A comprehensive servers setup will not only save Apple millions of dollars in fees it pays to Amazon and Google for data storage, but it will also provide benefits to the consumers. 

The majority of apps are pulling data from cloud environments that run mostly on Intel’s x86. Creating a cloud computing environment that can host 3rd party apps designed to run on Apple products may be a strategy capable of scotching the controversy surrounding high App Store fees by providing additional benefits and services.

Such benefits could include the security innovations similar to what Apple has done with the Secure Enclave, which provides an isolated area for sensitive user data. It could also promote initiatives such as Apple’s digital I.D. program, leveraging this secure environment. Imagine a computing environment so alien to the networks it passes through, that it would be nearly impossible to hack. We imagine a world where Apple’s ecosystem is a colossal fortress in the event of a sophisticated nation-state offensive.

As far-fetched as it sounds, rumor mills claim the iPhone maker is developing its own autonomous passenger vehicle and AR/VR headset. Thus, a custom server chip seems more likely a new product. 

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