Apple’s new ‘Shot on iPhone’ video shares film techniques to create movie magic

Apple runs a ‘Shot on iPhone’ social media campaign to share photography and videography techniques and media captured via smartphone on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and other social networking apps. The company has released a new ‘Shot on iPhone’ video teaching users three film techniques to make creative movies or clips on their iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models.

Shot on iPhone

Learn to create cinema magic on iPhone 12 with the new Shot on iPhone film techniques

In the new video on Apple’s YouTube channel, movie makers teach how to use iPhone 12’s Ultra Wide camera, and how to create a crane shot and lighting effects on iPhone 12 Pro models. These three simple, yet impactful techniques are bound to take users’ movie-making experience to a whole new level.

  1. Make objects or people appear much larger than their actual size by filming a forced perspective trick using the Ultra Wide camera. When two people or objects are at a distance, simply position one close to the camera to give create that a giant effect.
  2. Put the iPhone 12 Pro video camera in slow motion mode and drop it from a height onto a soft surface. This trick will give a crane shot effect like that of big Hollywood movies.
  3. Create lighting effects by placing a light on a spinning wheel and film the subject in the dark on an iPhone 12 Pro. As the camera will capture the subject in different shades of light, it will give a transformative effect.

Apple improved the camera system across iPhone 12 series, with Ultra-wide and wide lenses with Dolby Vision support. In addition, the Pro models offer better zoom and come with LiDAR scanners. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has sensor-shift optical image stabilization for an even better photography experience. Therefore filmmaker says thatiPhone 12 is so accessible, which allows a whole new generation of filmmakers to have a high-quality camera. they’re able to just take what’s in their pocket go out and experiment with what they find visually stimulating.” 

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