Apple stops signing iOS 16.4.1 downgrades from iOS 16.5 not possible

Apple has stopped signing the previous iOS 16.4.1 update and now iPhone users can not downgrade their devices from the latest iOS 16.5 version.

iOS 16.5

The tech giant stops signing the previous iOS version after the release of a new update because three main reasons:

  • All compatible devices have new features.
  • The latest iOS build includes performance improvements and security updates to enhance user experience and protection them from malicious malware or security vulnerabilities.
  • To make jailbreaking softwares ineffective. Jailbreak tools remove Appleā€™s restrictions and allow users to download unauthorized apps which can weaken the devices’ secuirty and jeopardize their privacy. Thus, updating the device to latest iOS update reverses the jailbreak and ensures that 
  • As Jailbreak developers do not release the jailbreak of the latest version immediately after its release, the devices remain protected with new security updates.

iOs 16.5

Should you update your iPhone to iOS 16.5? 

On May 18, Apple released iOS 16.5 to the public, along with iPadOS 16.5. The latest update includes new Pride edition wallpaper for iPhone and Apple Watch, Sports tab in the Apple News app, and multiple bug fixes for Spotlight, CarPlay, and other fixes.

Testers usually do not comment on the battery efficiency of every iOS update because most of the new builds inherently improve battery life and performance.

However, for iOS 16.5, multiple testers did not shy away from commending its battery life improvements. The Geekbench scores for the new update were higher than iOS 16.4.1 for both, single and multi-core, users’ poll indicated 54% were satisfied with the update and battery test showed slight improvement in usage.

So far, only one issue has been reported of iOS 16.5 breaking Apple’s Lightning to uSB 3 Camera adapter.

It appears safe to say that you should upgrade your iPhone to iOS 16.5 for security, performance and battery improvements.

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