Apple is testing vapor chamber cooling for iPhone 13

Notable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has reported in a new note to investors that Apple is currently testing vapor chamber cooling system for iPhone 13, or a future model. The company has been testing it internally for some time now but the results have not been up to its expectations.

Vapor chamber cooling is a form of liquid cooling which the heat away from the processors and other components via pipes that are filled with water or other liquids. This helps keep the device cool under heavy workload.

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 could be cooled with a vapor chamber

Many Android smartphones have previously implemented vapor chamber cooling, especially those that are primarily targeted towards gamers. The use cases for vapor chamber involve extended durations of peak performance, rather than burst performance, which iPhones are already good at. We have not yet seen any issue with heating on iPhone so far, as the chips use bleeding edge technology such as 5nm manufacturing process and high-efficiency cores, which means that they are usually more efficient than most of the competition. This is also the reason why iPhones can last longer despite having smaller batteries, as heating issues would result in more power drain.

No matter what the reason is, it might be possible that Apple has some use cases in mind for its future iPhone 13 or later models, which might push its current cooling systems to their limits and a vapor chamber might be the solution.

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