Apple new “The Greatest” ad highlights the usefulness of accessibility features in daily life

Accessibility is embedded across Apple products because the company designs its tech for all. Apple’s latest “The Greatest” ad highlights the usefulness of its various accessibility features in the lives of people with special needs. 

Apple - accessibility feature

New ad shows the profound change Door detection, Voice Control other accessibility features bring

Uploaded on Apple’s official YouTube channel, the new ad includes a montage of snippets from users’ daily lives showcasing how accessibility features help them get through the day with ease.

With the powerful track, “I Am the Greatest (with Marliya Choir)” by Spinifex Gum playing in the background, the new accessibility ad shows users with no arms interacting with their iPhones using Voice Control, VoiceOver reading the screen for users with visual impairment, Sound recognition altering a mother with hearing disability of her crying baby on her Apple Watch, Door Detection helping a blind user in finding the right door and more.

At Apple, we believe accessibility is a human right. Innovative features like Door Detection, Sound Recognition, Voice Control, and more are designed to let you use your devices in ways that work best for you.

Apple - accessibility feature

iOS offers a range of accessibility features to support users’ vision, hearing, physical and motor, and learning needs. Depending on their need, users can configure those features and set up shortcuts on their iPhones for easy access. Click here to view the complete list of iOS accessibility features.

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