Apple to launch new Mac trade-in program at retail stores in Canada and the U.S.

According to reports, Apple will launch a new trade-in program at its retail stores in Canada and the United States on June 17 and June 15, respectively. Bloomberg reported that this program will let customers trade in an older Mac and receive credit towards a new purchase.

New Mac Trade-in program in Apple Retail Stores

The Mac trade-in program was only limited to the online Apple Store for quite some time now.  The online trade-in process requires customers to ship their old Mac to Apple and wait for a gift card. Although, this process of going to an Apple Store and trading in your old device is convenient, it is also time consuming. This program could boost the sales of Macs by giving customers credit to upgrade to newer models.

According to the report, this new program will begin on June 15 in the United States and June 18 in Canada

“The Cupertino, California—based technology giant informed retail employees that the new program will begin on June 15 in the U.S. and June 18 in Canada, according to people familiar with the matter. Customers can exchange a Mac for credit toward a new computer or apply the trade-in value to an Apple gift card.”

It’s possible that the mid-June launch date is set due to the current closure of retail stories in Canada and the United States. The closure were initially caused by COVID-19 in both countries, and was extended in the U.S. due to incidents of looting and vandalism.

Mac Apple

Bloomberg also reported that Apple is expected to announce a new program for Apple Card holders where they will be able to purchase Apple products with interest-free payment plans. Cheaper items like the HomePod, Apple TV and AirPods will be available for purchase with a 6-month payment plan with no interest. More expensive items like the iPad, Mac or the Apple Pro Display XDR will be available for purchase with a 12-month payment plan, also interest free.

Other in-store Trade-in Products

Currently, users can trade-in other Apple products like the iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch at Apple Stores. Users can exchange older devices for a gift card or they can give the device to Apple for recycling. This service is available in all retail Apple stores.

Current Apple trade-in prices in the United States for iPhones are as following:

iPhone XS Max Up to $500
iPhone XS Up to $420
iPhone XR Up to $300
iPhone X Up to $320
iPhone 8 Plus Up to $250
iPhone 8 Up to $170
iPhone 7 Plus Up to $150
iPhone 7 Up to $120
iPhone 6s Plus Up to $100
iPhone 6s Up to $80
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