Apple TV+ launches AR app to promote its series “For All Mankind”

Apple TV+ has launched a new augmented reality app called ‘”For All Mankind: Time Capsule” to promote the second season of its popular show. The app allows users to uncover various memories from the characters in the show, and experience them through their iPhone or iPad.

The memories provide an inside into the off-screen lives of the show’s characters, which take place in the decade between season one and season two.

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“For All Mankind: Time Capsule” uses LiDAR for an enhanced AR experience

When users launch the AR app on their iPhone or iPad, they get to interact with different objects in a mixed reality environment such as newspapers, mixtapes, and more. The developers have even recreated a vintage Apple II which allows users to play a game and read mail between characters in the show. Special effort has been put towards the utilization of the LiDAR scanner in iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPad Pro, which allows them to use the in-app projector to display slides on any wall. The experience works really well thanks to the additional data that the LiDAR scanner brings to AR.

Apple has created a video of the app that demonstrates some of the things that you can inside the AR experience:

The show has an interesting story that revolves around a hypothetical timeline in which the USSR beat the US to reach the moon first, and the space race never ended. “For All Mankind” features an award-winning cast, and received mostly positive reviews when the first season was premiered.

“For All Mankind” season 2 will feature 10 episodes and will premiere on February 19. New episodes will be released every Friday on Apple TV+. The AR app is available for free in the App Store, starting with the United States, and will be rolled out to more countries later.

Download “For All Mankind: Time Capsule”

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