Apple TV+ announced the trailer for original podcast “Unabom” series set to debut on June 27 on Apple Podcasts

Apple TV+ has announced the trailer for the new original podcast “Unabom” will premiere on Monday, June 27 on the Apple Podcasts app. The new eight-part podcast series is hosted by journalist Eric Benson and it is based on the life of infamous serial bomber Ted Kaczynski and the reasons behind his dystopian vision.

“Project Unabom” is produced by Pineapple Street Studios, and is executive produced by Pineapple Street co-founders Jenna Weiss-Berman and Max Linsky.

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Apple TV+ new “Unabom” series details how personal and professional trauma transformed a Harvard student into a dystopian series bomber

Featuring information from FBI files, personal journals of the bomber, and exclusive interviews of his brother David Kaczynski, the new true-crime “Unabom” series will explore the tumultuous journey of a smart Harvard student into a series bomber “Ted Kaczynski” who terrorized the American nation for 18 years.

Benson answers the pressing questions like who was Kaczynski, how did his ideas radicalize over time, and why did it take almost 20 years to catch this madman.

When the Unabomber was arrested in 1996, the world got a glimpse of the serial bomber who had terrorized the nation for 18 years and murdered three people. Bearded and disheveled, Ted Kaczynski was the perfect depiction of a madman.

Featuring new original reporting from host Eric Benson (“Suspect,” “Witnessed: Borderlands”) — including access to thousands of original documents from Kaczynski’s personal papers and FBI files, exclusive interviews with his brother David Kaczynski, and the never-before-told story of the original suspects in the UNABOM case — “Project Unabom” tells the story of a nation and a family coming to grips with what was happening inside a tiny cabin in the Montana woods.

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Listeners can subscribe to “Project Unabom” on Apple Podcast or any third-party podcast service. The upcoming series will join the growing library of Apple TV+ original audio files on the Apple Podcasts app which do not have a dedicated show like “Run, Bambi, Run”, “The Line”, “Wild Things: Siegfried & Roy”, “Hooked” and “The Problem With Jon Stewart” and Apple TV+ companion podcasts for series like “The Big Conn”, “Foundation” and “For All Mankind”.

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