Apple TV+ shares teaser of new “Lincoln’s Dilemma” docuseries, releasing on Feb 18

Apple TV+ has released the first teaser of its upcoming docuseries “Lincoln’s Dilemma”, ahead of its premiere on February 18, 2022. The new four-part documentary series is narrated by Jeffrey Wright and features the voices of Bill Camp as Abraham Lincoln and Leslie Odom Jr. as Frederick Douglass and is a modern times examination of the 16th American ‘Abraham Lincoln’ in 1861, who preserved the Union during the American Civil War and passed the Emancipation Proclamation to end slavery. 

Apple TV+ - Lincoln dilemma

The upcoming series is directed by Jacqueline Olive and Barak Goodman, who also serve as the executive producers, along with Peter Kunhardt, Teddy Kunhardt, George Kunhardt, Josh Tyrangiel, Richard Plepler, and Jelani Cobb. Eden Productions and Kunhardt Films are its producers. 

Watch the 21st-century examination of a complicated man in new “Lincoln’s Dilemma” docuseries on Apple TV+ 

The first trailer of the upcoming docuseries on Apple TV+’s official YouTube channel reveals that the focus of “Lincoln’s Dilemma” is to analyze Abraham Lincoln’s decisions and the voices behind them. With the single objective to unify the country, it is said that the 16th President wanted to remove all hurdles in achieving that goal and slavery was the biggest of them all. 

The role of President Lincoln’s opponent Senator Stephen Douglas is also focused who represented the radical ideology to expand slavery which Lincoln wanted to end in the unified U.S.A.  

Apple TV+ - Lincoln dilemma

Premiering on February 18, 2022, the new docuseries includes never-before-heard stories about Lincoln and provides a more timely and relevant perspective on history along with the events that Americans are facing today. 

Based on acclaimed historian David S. Reynolds’ award-winning book, “Abe: Abraham Lincoln in His Times,” the series features insights from a diverse range of journalists, educators and Lincoln scholars, as well as rare archival materials that offer a more nuanced look into the man dubbed the Great Emancipator. Set against the background of the Civil War, “Lincoln’s Dilemma” also gives voice to the narratives of enslaved people, shaping a more complete view of an America divided over issues including economy, race and humanity, and underscoring Lincoln’s battle to save the country, no matter the cost.

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