Apple updates Boot Camp for Intel-based Macs with WPA3 Wi-Fi support and more

For Intel-based Macs, Apple has updated Boot Camp to the 6.1.16 version which includes support for WPA3 Wi-Fi, and a bug fix for the Bluetooth driver issue.

Boot Camp utility allows Intel-Mac users to run Windows natively on their computers and it is not compatible with Apple Silicon Macs. Owners of M1 and M2 Macs currently use Windows through virtualization software like Parallel and VMware Fusion on their machines.

Previously, Boot Camp 6.1.17 update was seeded to only owners of Intel-based Macs with Studio Display monitors. The update included drivers for Studio Display to work with Windows.

Apple - Boot Camp

Boot Camp 6.1.17 brings more secure WiFi connectivity to Windows on Intel Macs

The latest update offers Wi-Fi improvements with support for the WPA3 standard on Mac running Windows. The new WPA3 protocol makes WiFi connectivity more secure against cyber attacks. It offers more protection for public Wi-Fi networks and also works better with the “Internet of Things” (IoT).

The new Boot Camp has also patched a Bluetooth driver issue that occurred upon waking the system from hibernation or sleep mode.

Owners of Intel-based Macs can install or update the latest Boot Camp by simply clicking on the “Start” menu in Windows and then opening the “Apple Software Update” app to run Windows OS and apps.

You provide the Windows ISO—Boot Camp Assistant does all the work. Just open Boot Camp Assistant and follow the onscreen instructions to install Windows on your Intel-based Mac.

Apple - Boot Camp

Microsoft confirmed that Windows 11 would not be officially supported on Apple Silicon Macs and ARM-based Windows would work via visualization, which was not a “supported scenario”.  However, the discovery of a secret deal between Microsoft and Qualcomm which prevented the release of native support for Windows on M1 and M2  Macs gave hope that upon its expiration, Windows might be available on Apple Silicon Macs.

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