Apple starts iPhone 12 mini challenge on TikTok with four transformation videos

After keeping its TikTok account in abeyance for 6 months, Apple has started to upload videos on the social media app. The Cupertino tech giant is using the popular platform to promote its smallest iPhone model, the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini. The bio of the company’s TikTok account reads:

“iPhone 12 mini is here. Join the challenge and #makeitmini.”

Therefore, in the four uploaded videos TikTok influencers are seen turning shrinking bigger objects into their mini versions and end with turning bigger iPhone 12 models an iPhone 12 mini. This is not the first time, the company is using the power of social media for promotional purposes like its #shotoniphone on Instagram.

iPhone 12 mini

Apple uploads iPhone 12 mini videos on its TikTok

Four very popular social media creators have made shrinking videos with #makeitmini. Here are the short clips on Apple’s verified TikTok account:

  • @Zachking turns a piano, refrigerator, storage box, and an iPhone 12 Pro into the smallest iPhone. The video has 1.3 million views so far.
  • With 690.4K view, is @kevinbparry entertaining creation in which he turns a balloon, plant, wand, and a Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro into a Pacific Blue iPhone 12 mini
  • @thejulainbass uses electric power to transform a center table, a side table, plant, and a Gold Pro model into the same color mini iPhone. This creative clip has 372.6K views.
  • Last but not least is @jessicawongofficial video with 474.6K views in which she snaps her fingers to turn her oversized coat into a cropped jacket, cake into a cupcake, shrinks a plant, and taps on the back of a Gold iPhone 12 Pro into a White iPhone 12 mini.

iPhone 12 mini

Apple has chosen established influencers with a collective following of up to 50 million, therefore these videos will get attention from the public. In addition, Apple’s own TikTok account has 376k followers and 353.2K likes, at the moment. All of the transformation videos are entertaining and promote the idea that the smallest 5.4-inch iPhone 12 is the smaller version of the Pro model.

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