Apple Vision Pro reaches distribution hubs, February release imminent

A new report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman sheds light on the imminent launch of Apple’s Vision Pro headset, providing details on shipping schedules, retail preparations, and employee training.

Previously expected to launch in late spring or March, the Apple Vision Pro might hit shelves as early as February. Gurman’s latest insights suggest that the device is already en route to distribution warehouses across the US, with a planned launch by the beginning of February. This accelerated timeline aligns with earlier predictions by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who foresaw late January as the release date.

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Apple unveiled the Apple Vision Pro at WWDC 2023, marking its entry into spatial computing at a price of $3,499. Packed with innovative features, the headset boasts an M2 chip, R1 chip, micro-OLED displays, 12 cameras, a LiDAR scanner, and a custom display system with 23 million pixels.

Running on the new VisionOS, it introduces a three-dimensional interface, allowing users to integrate apps seamlessly into their surroundings. The device supports touch, vision, and voice controls, with the option to connect a Magic Keyboard for enhanced productivity.

After US launch of Vision Pro in February, Apple to target China, Canada, and UK for international rollout

Gurman reports that Apple’s retail division is preparing for the Apple Vision Pro launch. Warehouses in the US are receiving shipments of the headset in sufficient quantities to stock Apple stores for the imminent launch. Gurman’s observations hint at an official announcement from Apple in the coming weeks, possibly timed strategically to coincide with CES and divert attention from competing product releases.

Apple is currently conducting training sessions for its retail employees to ensure a smooth launch. Gurman reveals that groups of two to four employees from Apple stores across the US are undergoing secret training at Cupertino headquarters.

These employees will play a crucial role in training their colleagues on selling and demonstrating the Apple Vision Pro. Notably, a rare three-hour meeting for all US store employees is scheduled for January 21, indicating that detailed training and sales procedures will be a focal point.

Apple vision pro

While the initial launch of the Apple Vision Pro is set to be exclusive to the United States, Gurman suggests that China, Canada, and the UK are being considered for the first international rollout later in 2024. Apple aims to extend the availability of the mixed-reality headset to a global audience, building on the device’s foundation of macOS, iOS, and iPadOS.

(via Bloomberg)

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