Apple Watch Ultra and Series 8 experience microphone issues

Owners of the new Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch Series 8 are experiencing microphone issues. As per reports shared on the Apple Support forum, the watches become unresponsive and stop picking up audio after an unspecified time. Eventually, apps that require the mic like the Noise and Shazam apps start to display “Measurement Suspended” errors and stop working.

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra and Series 8 owners experiencing microphone issues might have to get replacement units

The affected Apple Watch Series 8 owner @ who first reported the issue on Apple Support Forum, shared that rebooting the smartwatch, updating to the latest watchOS version, and even deleting the Noise app did not help.

He eventually had to get a replacement issue which did not give him trouble. His correspondence on the platform is as follows:

I recently bought Series 8’s. However the noise app (and also Siri & dictation) both pop up with a “Measurement Suspended” (see attached) message. It’s as if the mic is being used by another app, we’ve closed all apps on the watches, rebooted them, updated them to the latest Watch OS (iPhone 14’s pro also both updated to 16.0.1) but no success. If this is a software issue please fix it soon. Otherwise I will sadly need to return the product. Thanks in advance. on Sep 18, 2022

I suggest go to an Apple Store and replace the unit. My issue is fixed after doing that. Good Luck! on Sep 20, 2022

UPDATE. It has been 5 days with the replacement watch without any mic issue. Everything is working fine all the time. Better to have a replacement done quickly because they will not argue at all. Just get there explain the issue and done. You get a new watch. on Sep 23, 2022

Apple Watch Ultra

Other users have also reported the same experience. @ tried to resolve the issue by deleting the noise app. The fix did resolve the issue but only temporarily.

Update: Siri and raise-to-speak are still working some 18 hours later, so it appears that the Noise app is the culprit. Will continue to update. on Sep  20, 2022

Update: It took a couple of days, but I noticed this morning that the mic had stopped responding again, so while deleting the Noise app appears to delay the issue temporarily, it doesn’t resolve it entirely. If Apple doesn’t push out a point-release (beyond the version released for the Ultra this morning), I’ll probably set up a Genius Bar appointment. on Sep 23, 2022

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