Apple will launch a budget iPhone 4S/5 for $350 by the end of the year

With all the crazy iPhone rumors going around lately, it sure does become hard to believe what is real and what is fake. The folks over at BGR have gotten some information from a solid source of theirs that says Apple will launch a prepaid/lower cost iPhone this year. The phone itself will sell for no more than $350 and will not require a contract.


The strange part about this rumor is that the new phone may not be the 4S or 5, but the budget phone will be the 3GS. The new iPhone is said to have a new design, but the source of the budget iPhone says that may not be this phone. All we know for sure is that the next generation iPhone will be announced sometime late summer, probably end of August. We’ve seen several possible case leaks for the next iPhone, but not sure if they are real or not. Apple is set to release it’s newest iPhone, keep the iPhone 4 and allow users to get the 3GS contract free. Apple has set themselves up to truly take over this market, especially if the rumored launches with Sprint and T-Mobile are true as well.

[via BGR]

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