Apple’s 7” iPad is ready, Resembles iPhone 4’s design. Launching Soon [Rumors]

The rumor of the “Mini iPad” may finally be true because a Chinese company reported on Friday that Apple had been working on a 7 inch iPad which is alleged to look similar to iPhone 4’ design.


“Yes there will be a (7-inch) tablet, yes it’s well underway in terms of product development and in fact it’s a finished product,” the report said. “Yes 5 plus different designs have been floating around to help Apple protect itself from people discovering its next product look and feel but… the final design will in fact bear more resemblance to the iPhone 4 styling’s than the original iPad design.”

Rumors began flying around about the smaller iPad in April soon after the iPad was launched.The rumors where that Apple were going to build a smaller, lighter version of the iPad because the 9.7 inch screen was too big and too heavy for some users so Apple have designed a lighter version which cuts off 200 grams off the iPad which weighs 700 grams.

[Via Apple Insider]

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