Apple’s trademark filings revealed: Iris Engine, Home Hub, Smart Button and more

Apple’s future trademarks list has been leaked by Brian Conroy, a patent solicitor. These trademarks have been filed for unannounced products and services like Iris Engine, Home Hub, Smart Button, AirPods, Control Strip and more.

Apple's trademark filings revealed Iris Engine, Home Hub, Smart Button and more

According to Conroy, all trademarks have a six months seniority expire date before the trademark is released. Therefore, Apple usually applies globally for trademarks four days before the lapse of a six months period to maintain secrecy about their upcoming products. The date of each trademark on the list also sheds light on the time frame of that product’s possible release. For example, Remote loop might be released in September because its trademark application expires in the same month.

The eye-catching part of the leaked trademarks list are the names of some familiar and some completely new trademarks. Bubble effects, Home Hub, Invisible ink, iBooks storytime, Memory Movies and Iris engine are some of the unfamiliar trademarks with a valid date till December 2016. There are some entries valid until January and February of 2017 like Planet of the Apps, Made of iPod, and Control strip. The trademarks scheduled to expire in September might be released on the September 7th iPhone launch event, today.

Many trademarks on the list are been much-talked-about-soon-to-be-revealed features in iPhone 7. AirPods are expected to be introduced as high-end wireless earbuds, designed like the Bragi earphones. The new Smart Button, expected to be the force touch home button with Touch ID sensors, is rumored to replace the physical home button in iPhone 7 models. The new MacBook Pro, expected to releaseĀ in October this year, will have a touch-sensitive OLED ‘control strip’ to display function keys.

The validity of some of these new names will be confirmed today at the event. The Apple keynote event will commence shortly, at 10 a.m. (PT) in San Francisco.

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