Backbone One launches exclusive ‘Death Stranding’ controller for iPhone 15 Pro

Backbone and Kojima Productions have teamed up to deliver the ultimate controller for your adventures: the limited-edition Backbone One – DEATH STRANDING. This controller boasts a precision D-pad, secure magnetic adapters, and a seamless USB-C connection for the iPhone 15 Pro, elevating gameplay to new heights.

Backbone One controller

The Backbone One x Kojima Productions “Death Stranding” controller comes with a free copy of the game

Featuring a semi-transparent yellow case that pays homage to Death Stranding’s striking visuals, the controller instantly attracts collectors, with subtle logos of both Backbone and Kojima Productions etched into its design. While functionally identical to the standard Backbone One, the limited edition offers a few new features.

Under the redesigned exterior lies a powerhouse of functionality. The reshaped D-pad ensures pinpoint control, letting you navigate treacherous landscapes and outmaneuver BTs with precision. Secure magnetic adapters provide a robust phone grip, regardless of your chosen case, while the seamless USB-C connection to your iPhone 15 Pro delivers lag-free immersion.

Available for $124.99 directly from Backbone’s website, it comes bundled with a free copy of Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, adding significant value. Limited quantities are globally available, urging gaming enthusiasts to secure their piece of this exclusive gaming hardware.

Backbone One

Expanding the gaming landscape further, Death Stranding: Director’s Cut has made its debut on iOS devices, including the iPhone 15 Pro, iPad (M1 and later), and macOS (M1 and later). This universal purchase, coupled with iCloud save support, allows players to transition between different Apple devices seamlessly. With a limited-time launch discount of $19.99 until February 20th, the game promises an immersive experience with initial and additional downloads totaling 63GB.

Beyond a gaming accessory, Backbone’s limited edition Death Stranding controller is the result of a unique collaboration celebrating the iOS release of Death Stranding: Director’s Cut. This partnership seamlessly combines Backbone’s innovation with Hideo Kojima’s artistic vision, offering users an unparalleled gaming accessory.

As sales kick off globally, Backbone encourages interested buyers to stay informed through regular updates via the Backbone app and email, highlighting the exclusivity and global appeal of this collaboration.

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