References to ‘homeOS’ discovered in tvOS 17.4 beta

Apple’s latest beta release, tvOS 17.4, includes references to a potential new operating system named ‘homeOS.’ This discovery has caused the rumor mill to churn with speculation about Apple’s next move in the smart home arena.

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Debut of “homeOS” in March 2024 could shape Apple’s smart home future

The term ‘homeOS‘ first surfaced in 2021, surfacing in job listings alongside established Apple operating systems like iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Apple promptly removed these references, sparking curiosity about what ‘homeOS’ could entail. Now, the latest tvOS 17.4 beta has reignited discussions, leaving many to wonder if the tech giant is on the brink of unveiling a groundbreaking new operating system.

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Apple’s HomePod, which initially ran on a modified version of iOS, later transitioned to tvOS and, eventually, a dedicated HomePod Software Update. Now, the mention of ‘homeOS’ in the tvOS 17.4 beta suggests a potential upgrade could be coming to the HomePod and other home-centric devices. Rumors suggest a device combining HomePod and iPad features, equipped with a robotic arm and a design resembling an iPad.

The most recent rumors point toward an upgraded HomePod with a display, set to launch in 2024. The ‘homeOS’ reference in tvOS 17.4 beta could very well serve as the dedicated operating system for this anticipated device. With features like SharePlay designed for the next-gen HomePod with a display, Apple seems poised to redefine the smart home landscape.

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Industry analysts predict the release of tvOS 17.4 alongside iOS 17.4 in March, coinciding with Apple’s expected spring event. This event might witness the introduction of not only new operating systems but also cutting-edge hardware like the OLED iPad Pro, M2 iPad Air, and M3 MacBook Air models. The unveiling of ‘homeOS’ could very well be the highlight of this anticipated event.

As we await further details on ‘homeOS,’ its potential impact on Apple’s smart home strategy is a subject of much anticipation. If the rumors hold, ‘homeOS’ could signify a unified platform for a range of smart home devices, providing users with an intuitive and cohesive control center. This move could position Apple as a strong contender in the competitive smart home market, challenging giants like Amazon, Google, and Meta.

(via MacRumors)

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