Latest HomePod leak shows curved LCD display, likely for visual feedback

Apple is set to redefine smart speakers with its upcoming HomePod model, which features a groundbreaking curved LCD display.

The leak, courtesy of Apple leaker “Kosutami,” suggests a major design upgrade with the same panel size as the current HomePod but a curved, convex LCD on top, hinting at a revolution in the user experience.


Reports of Apple engineers developing a new HomePod model featuring an integrated LCD screen first emerged in October 2023. This screen is expected to provide a visually immersive experience, displaying blurred animations inspired by album art colors during music or podcast playback. The LCD screen may also serve as a hub for essential notifications, aligning with Apple’s broader smart home strategy.

Apple’s B720 HomePod to turn music and podcasts into an Interactive experience

Since the launch of the first-generation HomePod in 2018, Apple has continually pushed boundaries in smart speaker technology. The latest leak points to a significant leap forward, introducing a curved LCD display to enhance visual feedback and functionality.

The leaked images shared on X by Kosutami reveal a prototype HomePod with a codename of B720. Despite maintaining the same design language as the HomePod 2, the notable addition is the curved LCD display on top, poised to transform how users interact with the device.


The curved LCD display, if introduced, promises to elevate user interaction. Reports suggest that the display will support Apple Music and Apple Podcasts applications, showcasing album art with a blurred animation effect during playback. This potential upgrade goes beyond visual cues, offering a more immersive and personalized experience.

In addition to the LCD display, Apple is also rumored to be working on generative AI technology, set to debut in an update next year. This integration could further enhance the smart speaker’s capabilities, making it a dynamic and intelligent addition to Apple’s ecosystem.

TF Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts a HomePod with a 7-inch display in the first half of 2024, adding weight to the anticipation around this potential device. However, given the regular leaks and evolving prototypes, it’s crucial to approach these revelations with a degree of caution, as Apple’s plans can evolve.

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