Burn a Bootable OSX Lion DVD (How To Guide)

With the announcement of Lion being released next month, we now know that the update will be available through the Mac App Store. But what if you want to make a DVD with the OS. Too bad says Apple. Well others beg to differ. If you have gotten your hands on a copy of Lion by now (just search Google or check your favorite Torrent site), you can make your very own bootable DVD of Lion.


Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to your Lion installer file, right-click and select “show package contents”. A new window will open.

2. Find the folder named SharedSupport, and find the file “InstallESD.dmg”, and copy it to your desktop.

3. Launch the Disk Utility, Applications->Utilities, and select Burn

4. Select the “InstallESD.dmg file to burn and let it go.

5. When complete, you have your very own bootable Lion DVD.

So, If you don’t have your copy of Lion, be sure to save the instructions for it’s release next month so you will be ready.


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