Camera app gets faster capture, night mode stabilization and more in iOS 14

With iOS 14, Apple has released new features that drastically improve the Camera app on iPhones to enhance photography and videography experience. It is good news for owners of older smartphone models like the iPhone X because now, Apple has updated the default camera app with advanced features which were only available in A13 processor equipped iPhones before.

Cupertino tech giant announced iOS 14 at the WWDC 2020 online event on June 22. The latest update for iPhone’s operating system is innovative for introducing several new technologies like new widgets, revamped Siri user interface, call interface, privacy updates and more, all designed to improve user experience. In that respect, the company has also improved the camera performance, night mode stabilization, camera focus and exposure in iOS 14.

New improvements to the Camera app

Photo capture is an integral part people’s lives, therefore, most users choose iPhones for their camera quality compared to other smartphones in the market. Here is a list of all the new improvements made to the Camera app.


Apple released QuickTake for iPhone XS and later models to quickly switch from photo to video capture mode in the camera app. Previously, the feature was only available on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max models. Now, iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max users can immediately start recording a video in photo mode by holding the shutter button, or the volume up button.

In addition, users can also change the video capture resolution and frame rate on iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max models. This feature was also only available on iPhone 11 series previously.

Improved shot-to-shot performance

This improvement allows users to capture photos with up to 90% faster shot rate, up to 4 frames per second. In portrait mode, shot-to-shot performance is now 15% faster.

Lock Exposure

Now for the whole duration of a camera session, user can conveniently lock the exposure compensation value for photos or videos. In additions, users can also lock the camera focus and exposure for individual shots. This feature allows photographers to focus on the subject of the shot, instead of adjusting the exposure.

Stabilization in Night Mode

The much praised Night Mode now features enhanced stabilization to capture steady photos. iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models are now equipped with gyroscope to provide users with a guidance indicator which helps them to reduce shake when taking a photo or recording a video. Photographers will also have the option to discontinue a shot in middle of capture instead of waiting for it to finish.

Apple announced lot of new features in iOS 14. We will keep you updated on all discoveries made in iOS 14 developer beta version. You can watch highlights of WWDC 2020 on Apple’s website.

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