HomePod adding support for third-party streaming services

Apple shared a peek into HomePod’s future updates at WWDC 2020, including the upcoming support for third-party music streaming services. However, not much was revealed about this upcoming feature as it was not discussed it at the event.

HomePod currently only supports Apple’s native music streaming service ‘Apple Music’. Previously, Apple did not allow any third-party apps to run on its HomePod. Thus, the new update will presumably provide a new API or Framework for third-party apps so that they can support streaming on HomePod.


This means that once the update arrives, users can use applications like Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, JioSaavn, and other to stream music on HomePod. Spotify can currently be played on HomePod by AirPlaying a stream from another device. Furthermore, Siri music requests are initiated by Apple Music at the moment, and there are no details about whether third-party apps will support Siri requests or not.

Support for third-party services will also expand HomePod’s global demand and address the anticompetitive allegations that the company has been receiving from services like Spotify. These allegations highlight that ‘Apple explicitly disadvantaged’ its competitive services in order to promote Apple Music among Apple users. Apple is also expected to add HomePod mini later this year.


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