iOS 14 hidden features: third-party default apps, back tap, emoji search, camera improvements and more

iOS 14 was recently unveiled at the 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference. Features like widgets for the Home screen, redesigned Siri, a new Translate app native to iOS, updated CarPlay, and more have come to the iPhone with this new operating system update. Aside from the official features released at WWDC, here are some hidden features discovered in the iOS 14 Beta.

iOS 14 hidden features

iOS 14 hidden features

Here are some of the features included in the new update that Apple did not talk about in WWDC 2020.

New Accessibility feature: Back Tap

This new Back Tap gesture can be accessed from the Accessibility settings. If you turn this on, you will be able to tap the back of the phone to perform actions quickly. You can also add double or triple tap on the back of your phone to quickly get access to Siri or even to take Screenshots.

iOS 14 Back Tap

Recording indicator

A new privacy feature will give you a visual signal whenever an app will use your microphone or camera. The dot will be orange and will appear in Control Center.

iOS 14 Recording Indicator

Video Capture Settings in Camera

You can now change video resolution and frame rate right from the camera app on all iPhones that support iOS 14. This feature was previously restricted to A13 Bionic SoC equipped iPhones, i.e. iPhone 11 series and iPhone SE 2020.

Volume buttons in Camera

With iOS 14, you can use the volume buttons to quickly launch actions within the app. You can press the Volume Up button to capture burst and press the Volume Down button to capture QuickTake Video. QuickTake, originally available on the iPhone 11 now works on the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR with the new update.


Emoji Search

You can now search for the emoji you need via a search field using the emoji keyboard.

iOS 14 Emoji Search

Mirrored Selfies

With iOS 14, you can finally capture mirrored selfies that are exactly the same as the front camera preview. You can access this feature in Settings.

iOS 14 Mirror Front Camera

Third-Party default apps

This long-requested feature lets you set third-Party mail and browser apps as the default option on your iPhone or iPad.

Sleep Mode in Control Center

There is a new Sleep Mode toggle in the Control Center now. When Sleep Mode is activated, Do Not Disturb will start working and your screen will turn dark.

Voice Memos

There is a new Enhance Recording feature that lets you improve the sound quality of your recording. Additionally, it also has organizational options to keep your voice memos in the right sync.


You can use the new picture-in-picture option to do other things on your iPhone while you are on a FaceTime video call.

Apple is also bringing back the Attention Aware feature that was removed in iOS 13 Beta. It has been renamed to “eye contact” and is supposed to help you establish eye contact even when you are looking at the screen of your device rather than directly at the camera.


With iOS 14, you can give apps access to select photos rather than your entire Photo Library. Additionally, captions can be added to photos and videos for context, and there are new options you can use to sort your photos.

WiFi Private Address

Another new privacy feature give you the option to “Use Private Address” to prevent network operates from tracing your iPhone.

AirPods recharge notifications

With iOS 14, you will be informed if you need to charge your AirPods via battery notficiations.

iOS 14 compatibility and release

It is expected that iOS 14 will be released in the fall, in September. Apple has already released iOS 14 developer beta following its virtual WWDC conference. Here is a list of devices compatible with iOS 14.

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