Car Thing by Spotify arrives in the U.S. for select customers

A Spotify voice-controlled device for vehicles called ‘Car Thing’ is has launched in a limited quantity to select users. It is a device connected via Bluetooth for controlling Spotify without having a phone in hand. Since the device is released as a “limited product launch”, it is not easily available for purchase.

Users can sign up for the device and wait for Spotify to pick them. The device is currently only available for U.S. customers, and a subscription to Spotify Premium is required. Even though Car Thing is free, users will have to pay for the shipping.

Car Thing Spotify

Spotify’s Car Thing arrives in the U.S. in limited quantity

The device features a thin profile and two prominent buttons on the front and is extremely lightweight and small. Out of the two buttons given, the small button serves as a back button and a larger knob allows you to interact with the screen. The device does not hold a speaker, so it could be considered as a Spotify remote.

Car Thing by Spotify

According to Spotify, it is not attempting to compete with in-car infotainment systems rather it could serve to be an alternative for some users. Car Thing does not provide functionality outside of audio like CarPlay. The announcement was made in a press release:

Currently available to eligible users in the U.S., Car Thing enables you to play your favorite audio faster, so you’re already listening to that hit song or the latest podcast episode before you’ve even pulled out of the driveway. Switchig between your favorite audio is effortless, allowing you to shift gears to something else as soon as the mood strikes.

The device arrives with a 12V adapter into which users will plug the provided USB-A to USB-C cable. Car Thing does not include a rechargeable battery and needs to be plugged in at all times. The device also ships with three various mounts: a CD player mount, a vent mount, and a dashboard mount. To easily take off the device, users can even clip a magnetic attachment to these said mounts.

Only time will tell, whether the device from Spotify will be a success or not. Until then, you can check out the website for Car Thing here.

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