Spotify rolls out new mixes with personalized playlists consisting of favorite decades, genres, and artists

Spotify has rolled out three new personalized mixes inspired by its Daily Mix. The feature is available for both free and premium users. In Daily Mix, the music streaming service creates custom mixes for users by combining their favorite tracks with music it thinks they will love. The new mix categories will initially feature the music a user has been listening to and then afterward the songs will be updated with songs chosen by the app’s algorithm.

The new personalized mixes are labeled as Decade Mix, Genre Mix, and Artist Mix. According to the official post by Spotify, the streaming service wants to improve and iterate its products to offer the best possible audio experience for its listeners.

Spotify three new mixes

Spotify rolls out three new mixes: Decade Mix, Genre Mix, and Artist Mix

Spotify shared three new mix categories with “clearer names that are easier to understand and remember.” The new mixes will offer new opportunities for discovery, based on the music you love to listen to, these Spotify Mixes represent the next generation of focused, personalized offerings at Spotify right at your fingertips. Spotify Chief R&D Officer, Gustav Söderström said:

There is not just one Spotify experience. There are actually mroe like 345 million different Spotify experiences – one for each listener. Evert day, half a trillion events – whether they are searches, listens, likes, or countlless other actions – take place on Spotify, powering and guiding our machine learning system. This gives us the ability to drive discovery in a way that audio has never seen before.

According to the press release by Spotify, each mix is created with the user at its core, based on their listening habits and the decades, genres, and artists they listen to most. This means that you will be will not just be hearing your favorite artists, but also the favorite songs from those artists. After that, the service’s algorithm kicks in and it supplements by adding in songs it thinks that the user will love. The music made available in the mixes will also feature some fresh picks that might gather your attention.


Each and every mix is updated frequently, this means that you will have more songs to discover and possibilities are endless. The mixes are specifically designed to keep a close look at your listening history, liked tracks, and artists so that the service can help you discover and “dive deeper” into your new favorite decade, genre, or artist.

The feature is made available for both free and premium users around the world. You can find the three new mixes via Search in the Made For You section. You can also learn more about the feature in the latest episode of Spotify: A Product Story.

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