Spotify iOS app reveals ‘Car Thing’ renders hidden within code

Several years ago, Spotify unveiled a test device referred to as Car Thing, a voice-controlled assistant that featured a small display and controls. Since then, there has been no information regarding the potential release date of Car Thing.

Car Thing was not intended to launch as a product consumers could purchase and the company has not said anything contrary to that in the years since the device was first announced. However, according to a recent discovery of Car Thing renders in the Spotify app, an actual consumer product may be planned for release.


Spotify leaks ‘Car Thing’ renders from within its own iOS app

The discovery was made by MacRumors contributor Steve Moser in the Spotify app’s code. This most recent finding joins the FCC filing about Car Thing that surfaced back in January. The renders discovered by Moser give much more details about the final design of the device.

The renders reveal an updated design with a rectangular display. On the right side of the product, a big circular control knob can be seen with a smaller button below it. There are also four buttons on the top of the device along with a charging port.

The design reflects the description provided in the Car Thing FCC documentation, which mentioned buttons and voice control. The device was described as a Bluetooth-enabled “voice controlled accessory for phone/Spotify App with supporting display and buttons.”

Spotify Car Thing

Car Thing is powered from a 12V outlet and users will be able to attach it to a dash or mount it to a vent in the car. It is possible that it could be sold with mounting options. It is important to note that since Spotify has not announced a formal product name, release date, or any other information about Car Thing, the accessory may not see the light of day. However, the recent combinations of leaks indicate that Spotify may be planning to release a consumer version of the device.

Car Thing

It will be interesting to see how Spotify chooses to promote the product since there is does seem to be a lot of value attached to a car accessory that only access and stream Spotify content. Users can simply connect their phone to a vehicle using Bluetooth and stream music for the app. Despite how Spotify will price Car Thing, spending money on an accessory that offers limited functionality does not seem too appealing.

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