Charm is a free iOS app for curating and managing Twitter Collections

Charm is a new third party app which is different than the usual clients we see. It provides features such as creation of collections, tweet curation, sharing, tweet composing and more. Charm uses Twitter’s Collections API to provide this functionality which means that you can view those collections on Twitter’s website as well as in third party Twitter clients such as TweetDeck or Tweetbot.

Charm Twitter App

Charm lets users add Tweets to their collections and even chose the order in which they appear in them. Once a collection is created, it can be shared with others or embedded anywhere on the Internet. Charm also supports handoff between iOS and OS X so you can open easily open your collection in a browser on your Mac.

In case you don’t know what Twitter collections look like, here are two examples: Beautiful colors and music technology.

Thanks to the Charm iOS extension, you can add Tweets from any app on your device. So you can be a Tweetbot user and use the extension to add tweets from it, to your collections. Besides saving and organizing Tweets, Charm also includes a composer which can help you add commentary to your collections.

For hardcore Twitter users and curators, Charm is a must have app for iPhone and iPad and is available to download for free in the App Store.

Download Charm for iOS

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