Chrome will now come with integrated Flash plugin

HTML5 has been in the works for years, many websites are slowly transiting on to this platform for video and website design. But Google on the other hand is not abandoning Flash, they have greater plans for it.3-30-10-chrome-flash250

Google has always been a big supporter of Flash while Apple on the other hand is constantly battling against it The new iPad lacks Flash support as usual and it seems as if Apple is on a Flash killing spree with the iPad. Google on the other hand is planning to integrate Flash into Chrome, in other words; you don’t have to install Flash player once you’ve downloaded Chrome, it’s already going to be there. Google believes that Flash is an important part of the web, therefore it’s going to make it a crucial part of Chrome alongside HTML and JavaScript. Having said that, we’d be impressed if Google comes out with a Chromium OS tablet running Flash content flawlessly.


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