Google Chrome updated with new Memory and Energy Saver modes for macOS

Google has finally rolled out new Memory and Energy Saver modes for Chrome on Macs, Windows PC, and Chromebooks. The company has announced the new modes back in Dec 2022.


Chrome’s new Memory and Energy Saver modes make web browsing smoother and power efficient

Chrome’s Memory and Energy Saver modes are enabled by default but as optional features, users can turn them on/off easily by going to the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the browser > select Settings > Performance (located in the sidebar).

According to Google, the new Memory Saver mode is designed to deliver an enhanced web browsing experience with more memory and smoother workflows.

“Memory Saver mode frees up memory from the tabs which users are not using while giving them a smooth browsing experience on the tabs they are using. This is especially useful if you’re running other intensive applications, like editing family videos or playing games. Any inactive tabs will be reloaded when you need them.”

Chrome - macOS

Energy Saver mode on Chrome prolongs the computer’s battery life by limiting background activity and effects when it is 20% or lower. It gives users extra time to power through and complete a task. Users can choose to enable the mode when the battery reaches 20% or when the computer is unplugged.

Energy Saver mode activates when the laptop’s battery level reaches 20%. It will limit the background activity and visual effects for websites with videos and animations. This feature will enable users to save power for the important task they need to complete before leaving the desk to find the charger.

Chrome - macOS

For now, Google has rolled out Memory and Energy Saver widely with Chrome 110 on Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks. If the new modes are not live yet, users can use the following flags to turn them on:

  • chrome://flags/#battery-saver-mode-available
  • chrome://flags/#high-efficiency-mode-available

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