Clips app gets a major update with new interface, vertical and horizontal video recording and more

The Clips app has just received a major update to bring improved users’ videography experience on the iPhone and iPad. Apple has introduced a new interface, support for horizontal and vertical video, HDR recording on iPhone 12, and more on its video recording app.

Clips is a video creation tool for iOS and iPadOS which allows users to record videos and edit them with various effects. The iPad version of the app is compatible with Apple Pencil, thus, supports the new Scribble feature, and landscape orientation. The latest update is also designed to maximize the use of the new pro camera system of iPhone 12 series: wide and ultra-wide cameras with Night mode, and Dolby Vision support.

Apple’s vice president of Apps Product Marketing, Susan Prescott said,

“Since its introduction, Clips has become one of the most popular iOS video creation apps, and millions of projects are made every day with it. Users love how easy it is to create fun, expressive videos for sharing with friends, family, and classmates with just a few taps on their iPhone or iPad screens.”

Clips app

Clips App Gets a Major Update

This versatile video recording app can be used to create video messages, school projects, slideshow, short-movies and other creative projects. It offers features like live titles, 360-degree immersive selfie scenes and much more. Now, the app offers even more to the users with a new streamlined interface, improved iPad experience, multi-aspect ratios recording and HRD recoding on iPhone 12.

Susan Prescott explained,

“Today’s update, with a streamlined interface, support for vertical and horizontal video, HDR video capture using the new iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro, and fun new effects, will help users create Clips videos with more personality and polish than ever before.”

Here are all the new features and improvements in the Clips app 3.0:
  • Streamlined Interface 

The new recording screen is located on top of the viewer when shooting horizontally or vertically. Redesigned effects, media and project browsers show more content, and swiping up on an effect browser shows a full-height card that fills the screen with text labels, stickers and other add-ons. The update introduces 8 new stickers and 25 soundtracks that match the duration of videos.

Clips app

  • Improved iPad Experience 

On iPadOS, the redesigned interface features large effects browsers and an easy to reach record button. It automatically opens to a new 4:3 landscape project. The Clips app is now compatible with Magic Keyboard, Bluetooth mouse and trackpad, and supports Scribble to conveniently convert handwritten text into the typed text to add in labels and other effects.

Clips app

  • Multi Aspect Rations 

Users can record in vertical and horizontal videos. The app now automatically opens to a 16:9 vertical mode and has updated filters, posters selfies scenes and live titles to support the new recording multiple aspect ratios.

Clips app

  • HDR Recording on iPhone 12

iPhone 12 models support HDR video recording using the rear-facing cameras. The Clips app now automatically shared the recorded clips as a Dolby Vision HDR file.

Clips app

This video creating app is suitable for all age groups and purposes, be it professional use like presentations, personal messages, social media projects by content creators and influencers. Users can share their recorded creations on Snapchat, Instagram, YouTuber and other platforms. Download Clips app for free from the App Store.

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