How to turn off COVID-19 exposure tracking on iPhone

As the pandemic continues to affect thousands of individuals per day, Apple and Google partnered to track COVID-19 exposure using their popular mobile operating systems. The companies created a Contract Tracing API that can be used by health authorities to develop individual apps and track the outspread of the disease.

Both companies have highlighted multiple times that they have built the system while taking care of users’ privacy and security, and therefore, users have full authority over whether or not they consent to use the contact tracing system. Users who do not want to be a part of the contact tracing system being used by their health authorities can easily turn it off in their settings.

How to turn off COVID-19 exposure tracking

These settings for turning off exposure notifications are available on iOS 13.5 and later. Here is how you can turn off  COVID-19 exposure notifications tracking on your iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy.
  2. Tap on Health.
  3. Select COVID-19 Exposure Logging.
  4. You can switch off exposure notifications for the authorized app in your region by toggling off Exposure Logging.
  5. Once Exposure Logging is turned off, you will no longer receive COVID-19 exposure tracking notifications.

Apple is tirelessly working against COVID-19 and released several tools with CDC for screening and keeping track of the outspread. The company has donated millions of dollars to the cause and two-to-one support for its employees. Apple had also encouraged its employees to work from home to ensure everyone’s safety.

Apple Stores around the world were also closed for months to avoid human contact and maintain social distancing protocols. Only a few Apple Stores have re-opened and employees take care of social distancing and health check protocols. Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference for 2020 is also going to be an all-online, virtual event.

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