Crestron HomeTime – Zoom, Creston and Logitech joint project for Comfortable Video Calling

Zoom has joined hands with Logitech and Crestron in a venture to deliver users the ability to host or join group video calls from the comfort of their couches.

In an exclusive interview with The Verge, Vice President and General Manager of Logitech video collaboration group, Scott Wharton explained that often people do not find it comfortable to sit at the desk on their computers or laptops during group video calls and would like to do so from a comfortable spot in their house on a bigger screen. Crestron HomeTime set up is designed as a solution for use situations.

The new setup will run on Zoom Rooms software and supporting devices like standard television sets with HMDI port, Logitech 4K MeetUp camera, and microphone. Like the Apple TV remote, Crestron HomeTime set up will be control via Crestron remote to start Zoom calls, zoom in and out on self during calls, and adjust volume. Users will also be able to control the setup via Zoom Rooms app.


The Verge was given a demo of the setup, currently in testing, by John Clancy (Crestron Vice President of residential services) at his home. The tech publisher was impressed by its concept, functionality and performance and called it ‘Slick’.

Zoom – a virtual social distancing tool

Zoom app offers a variety of calling services and it has become the virtual meeting place for all during the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic. It has become the go-to platform, ensuring necessary precautionary social distancing measures, used for educational, professional, socializing and administrative purposes because of its ability to host and join meetings with a unique screen sharing feature. The platform also added virtual background option to make online calling experience more entertaining.

Zoom Rooms software is its room system which allows participants to host and join audio/video calls with screen sharing ability. It is mostly used by enterprises for remote and in house group conferences. Learn more about Zoom Rooms here.

Crestron company pioneers in smart home technology which designs products and software to digitally manage daily household tasks like switching on/off lights, moving curtains, set temperature, manage entertainment channels according to personal preferences and more. Thus, for Crestron to make video calling more comfortable is a smart decision and much needed solution from remote interaction with family, friends or colleagues.

Logitech’s hardware supports ties the whole project together. Its 4K camera provides quality video calling experience.

Crestron will make the Crestron HomeTime setup available by June 1 via Crestron residential integrators. It will cost a handsome $6,100 amount for a single room and $3,100 for each additional room.

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