New Spotify leaks show Offline User Mix, Spanish Voice Commands, and more

New leaks hint of major updates to Spotify’s interface. Spotify is a Swedish digital music and podcast streaming service that gives users access to millions of songs and audio content from all over the world. Reverse software engineer, Jane Manchun Wong has shared some hints about Spotify’s upcoming features. She has a long track record of sharing accurate leaks about various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, etc.

The company recently removed the 10,000 songs limit from its users-library and is now working on more new features. Users can now add 10,000 songs to each of their five different listening devices from their vast library of 50 million songs. Here are the new features discovered by Wong:


Spotify’s Offline User Mix

Jane shared an image on twitter explaining that the new feature seems to be similar to YouTube’s Offline Mixtape Playlist. The feature is expected to automatically download songs based on users music taste and create an offline playlist.

The feature can be useful in times when users forget to download music before traveling. YouTube’s version of this feature has a maximum capacity of 100 songs, which can be increased to 400. We will have to wait and see how Spotify will implement this functionality on its platform.

Spanish For Voice Commands

Jane Wong shared another leak with her Twitter audience about a new language preference for Voice Commands on music service UI. It seems that users will be now have the option to select Spanish, along with English for using the “Hey Spotify” feature. This might a smart decision to expand the subscribers demographic on the platform.

Connect Bottom Sheet Design (For Android)

Lastly, Jane shared the company’s in development feature of allowing users to connect bottom sheet design for Android devices. The feature is already available on iOS devices and after becoming a part of the app’s Android version as well, Spotify will offer similar user experience across all operating systems.

There is no further information as to when users can expect these feature, but Jane’s record suggests that it may be sooner than we expect.

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