Instagram to get new Stories integration, Chat colors and other features

A few settings tweaks reveal that new Instagram features are being designed to deliver a more integrated user experience with Facebook app. A reputable reverse engineering expert, Jane Manchun Wong has discovered that the company is working to allow Instagram users to share their Stories on sister-network, Facebook. By enabling the ‘See Instagram Stories on Facebook’ toggle in the app, user will allow Facebook users to view and reply to the posted Instagram Stories directly from their app.


Stories is a shared feature on Facebook, Inc. owned social networks like Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook. Which ever app they are on, users can create or upload photos, videos or text messages in their Stories. However, Instagram Stories are more popularly uploaded in comparison to the other two apps because of supporting features like filters, live streaming, annotations, GIPHY and more.

Last month, she found that the social network is also working on integrating new Facebook Pay option in Instagram. This feature is for businesses and influencers who pay for their promotions in the app.

Facebook describes the feature as:

You can pay for promoted posts from the Instagram app by adding a payment method. You can also pay for your promoted Instagram posts by linking a Facebook Page to your Instagram professional account and using your Facebook ad account.

Interested users can read the prerequisites of payment methods for promotion here.

Chat color options on Instagram

According to a screenshot shared by Wong on Twitter, users will be able to choose from 5 background colors to apply to their chats on Instagram. In chat settings, candy, citrus, berry, mango and aqua will be the initial colors available for chat backgrounds. This customization feature will be appreciated by many who want to keep their conversations more vibrant than the current all-white background.

Wong has an impressive track record. She discovered and watermarked features days before they were officially released on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook, Inc. Plans for Instagram

In 2012 Facebook bought Instagram for $1billion and according to industry estimations, the purchased social network’s worth has quadrupled since then. With 1 billion monthly active users in the app, it is one of the most popular social apps in recent times. To keep users engaged, Facebook regularly updates the app with new attractive features.

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