Instagram Reels, a TikTok clone, launches in 2 more countries

Instagram’s new feature, Reels, is debuting in Germany and France. The expansion of the video recording feature is seen after a year of its launch in Brazil, in 2019. Reels, a TikTok competitor, has a few changes since its initial version. Reels is a video creation tool in the Instagram app which allows users to record 15 second video clips. The feature is available on iOS and Android devices.

The design and functionality of Reels is very similar, if not exactly the same, to the popular TikTok app. Using a number of editing tools, and a vast music and audio library, creators record short video clips on a variety of topics. The recorded projects can be shared on different social platforms.

Instagram Reel

Instagram Reels

After receiving user feedback in Brazil, the company redesigned Reels to enhance its user experience and gain popularity. An Instagram spokesperson told TechCrunch that the following changes have been made to Reels:

  • A new separate interface for Reels on user profiles.
  • Reels of public accounts will be visible and searchable in the Explore section of the app.
  • The clips created in Reels will now be shared on Instagram feed/timeline to reach new audiences.

Previously, Reels could only be shared in Instagram Stories and could not be searched for. Users in Brazil complained about these limitations and requested for ways to share and distribute Reels with friends and followers. The demands were made by public accounts, in particular, who wished to go viral and attract a larger following. A dedicated interface for Instagram Reels, like the IGTV section on the profile, was also part of the requests list.

Instagram listened to user feedback and incorporated all the changes asked with the release of Reels in France and Germany. The changes will help to promote Instagram Reels as a strong competitor to TikTok, even though its whole creation design is copied by Instagram.

For users and the tech industry, this does not come as a surprise that Instagram Reels is inspired by the very app it is trying to compete against, TikTok. Previously, Instagram Stories was copied from Snapchat which turned out be a profitable decision. How Reels will be received in Germany and France that was yet to be seen.

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