Top 5 Comedy Movies and Shows to Stream on Netflix in July

Netflix offers a ton of binge-worthy titles on its platform. If you are in the mood for a good laugh to lift your spirits or you are looking for a brief moment of escape from reality, Netflix has a great collection of comedy titles available for streaming.

Here are our top 5 comedy movies and TV show recommendations for July.

Netflix comedy recommendations

BoJack Horseman

Netflix’s adult animated web series BoJack Horseman, is about a cynical horse who used to star in a popular TV sitcom Horsin’ Around in the 90s. Eighteen years later, BoJack spends most of his time reminiscing about the past. The series, set in a complex fictional parody of Hollywood, tells the story of BoJack trying to revitalize his career by writing a tell-all memoir. Not only is the show well written, the animation is also fantastic. The show has received praise for its realistic depictions of issues in the entertainment industry and for addressing existing social and mental health issues.

Lady Bird

Lady Bird is a coming-of-age comedy set in Sacramento, California in 2002, during a rapidly shifting economic climate. The movie gives viewers a candid look at the turbulent relationship between a teenage daughter and her mother. Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson fights against her strong willed and opinionated mother, while unconsciously, she is just like her. Lady Bird puts the focus on the individual characters, rather than the events of the plot. This focus is what makes the film so easy to relate to for all different age groups.

Ace Ventura: Pet detective

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is a 1994 comedy film starring Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura, an animal detective who is assigned with the task of finding the abducted dolphin mascot of the Miami Dolphins football team. Though this movie is over 25 years old, Carrey’s classic brand of physical comedy is still guaranteed to make you laugh.

The Good Place

The Good Place is a fantasy Sitcom that focuses on Eleanor Shellstrop. An ordinary woman who, through an astonishing string of events, enters the Afterlife where she realizes that she hasn’t been a good person throughout her life. With the help of her knowledgeable afterlife mentor, she is set on letting go of her old way of living and trying to uncover the good person within.

The Interview

The 2014 political satire comedy film The Interview, follows the struggles of a talk-show host (James Franco) and his producer (Seth Rogen), who run a celebrity tabloid show but want to be known as legitimate journalists. When they discover that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is a fan of their show, they land an interview with him in effort to brand themselves as serious journalists. As the two men prepare to travel to Pyongyang, there is an abrupt change in their plans when the CIA enlists them, to assassinate Kim Jong-un. Their recruitment starts a humorous course of events of two unqualified men trying to find an opportunity to assassinate the deceptive leader of North Korea.

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