Top 10 must watch Netflix shows in June

Not sure what to watch on Netflix? Here are our top 10 must watch Netflix shows and movies recommendations for the month of June.

Video streaming services are a popular medium for users to explore and watch of content of their liking. Netflix is one of the major subscription-based video streaming services with a wide range of original and third-party shows, movies, anime, documentaries and more.

In the current stay-at-home lifestyle due to global COVID-19 pandemic, the service gained 15 million new subscribers in April. Luckily for subscriber, the service claims that it still has a large pool of new content to keep its audience entertained. We have listed down the 10 best shows and movies on Netflix that you can watch in June.

Top 10 must watch Netflix shows and movies

Top 10 must watch Netflix shows in June

For this month’s must watch content, we have picked two titles for each category: movies, series, documentaries, anime and talk shows.

Jeffery Epstein: The filthy rich

The limited series is an original documentary on the life of a billionaire financial advisor who lived a secret ugly life. Epstein was arrested and convicted for several accounts of child abuse and running a sexual pyramid scheme to recruit girls as young as 14 years. The four episodes of the series are survivors’ recount of their life as part of Epstein’s child abuse empire, the threats and tactics used to silence them and the his associations with people in high-position like Bill Clinton.

Although Epstein was sentenced in 2019, his victims are still seeking justice. The series ends with a sad possibility for victims never getting retribution for tortures they went through as minors.

Somebody feed Phil

For food lovers ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ is a must watch travel video blog, exploring the diverse cuisines from different places around the world. The latest season 3 showcases Philip Rosenthal’s food journey through Morocco, Chicago, London, Seoul and Montreal.

Created by Philip Rosenthal himself, this food and travel documentary is a fun to watch show with the entire family to share love and passion for mouth watering dishes. The documentary has 3 seasons in total. The previous two seasons were titled ‘The first course’ and ‘The second course’.

Thirteen Reasons Why

Based on real-life physical and mental issues and abuse, the drama-series sheds light on the struggles of teenagers in their personal and social lives. Season 4 is the final chapter of the series which focuses predominantly on mental health struggles and substance abuse. The 10 episodes of the last season encapsulate the hardships a group of friends go through as they transition from high school to college. Titled as Winter break, College tour, Valentine’s day, Senior camping trip, House party, Thursday, College interview, Acceptance/ rejection, Prom and Graduation, each episode represent a stage in the characters’ lives.

The series has a serious theme and is more focused on educational rather than entertainment purpose. Rated 18+, parents of young adults should watch it without their children to understand their struggles and deal with them.

Baki: The Great Raitai Tournament Saga

Season 3 of the popular Japanese anime series, Baki, is now available on the service. The series is the life story of a young and strong boy who is a martial arts champion. The latest season titled ‘Baki: The Great Raitai Tournament Saga’ has 13 episodes which showcase Baki’s defense against 5 notorious escaped convicts in Tokyo.

For now, the title is available in English and Japanese audio. However, a release note by the service indicates that the series will be available in more languages.

Tales from Earthsea

The Japanese anime-film, Tales from Earthsea, is an hour and fifty five minutes story of a disgraced prince trying to save his kingdom from hunger and then dragons. The movie is available in English and Japanese languages. Based on the stories of an American author Ursula K. Le Guin, the movie combines loyalty, courage, and evil plots for the entertainment of anime fans.

6 Underground

Action movie lovers will enjoy this one. 2019 title ‘6 Underground’ is a Netflix and Skydance Media production. Staring Ryan Reynolds, Melanie Laurent, Corey Hwakins and others, the movie depicts the thrilling adventure of a billionaire trying to take down a dictator with his team of international operatives.


Staring Chris Hemsworth, Rudhraksh Jaiswal, the movie ‘Extraction’ is an action packed thriller depicting a life changing journey of a cold hearted mercenary.

The Patriot Act

For current affairs enthusiasts, like me, the Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj is a must watch. With weekly new episodes, the comedian turned political and social activist, Minhaj gives an entertaining and easy to comprehend breaks down of core issues from around the world, like corporate greed, boom and downfall of industries, world leaders and much more.

Till now, there are 6 volumes of the current affairs series on Netflix, with a new episode scheduled to release every Sunday. Make sure to check out Patriot Act’s YouTube channel too for some entertaining behind the scenes content titled ‘Deep Cuts’.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Staring the legendary Jerry Seinfeld, ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ is a feel good talk show on wheels. Seinfeld picks up celebrity comedians in a variety of old and new cars and they drive to coffee spots to chat, drink coffee or enjoy a meal.

There are 6 volumes of the talk show on the service for subscribers who enjoy the series format.

Netflix offers a diverse genre of content for all types of subscriber preferences and moods. We will keep you updated on new and entertaining content to watch on the service, so stay tuned to iThinkDifferent.

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