DirectX 12 support coming to macOS soon via CrossOver

CrossOver, the popular platform that allows macOS, Linux, and ChromeOS to run Windows apps seamlessly, will gain support for Microsoft’s DirectX 12 later this year.

DirectX 12

‘Diablo II: Resurrected,’ will be the first title to gain DirectX 12 support on macOS, Linux, and ChromeOS

DirectX is an API available on Windows and Xbox consoles, responsible for handling graphics rendering, similar to Apple’s Metal API. The latest version, DirectX 12, introduces significant improvements, such as enabling apps to access all cores of a GPU simultaneously. This enhancement not only boosts performance while playing games but also allows for higher visual quality.

Currently, CrossOver only supports DirectX 11 and previous versions. However, the addition of DirectX 12 support means CrossOver users can expect even better performance when running Windows games on their Mac systems. But there is one crucial aspect to consider.

CodeWeavers, the company behind CrossOver, has stated that support for DirectX 12 games will be added on a “per-title basis.” This approach is necessary because the technology is complex and still has some bugs. CodeWeavers wants to ensure that users have a smooth experience without any issues. “Diablo II: Resurrected” will be the first game to receive DirectX 12 support through CrossOver, with support for more popular titles anticipated in the future.

Diablo 2

While this breakthrough is undoubtedly exciting, it’s important to recognize that the journey has just begun. CodeWeavers’ team discovered that there is no single magic solution to enable DirectX 12 support on macOS. To get “Diablo II: Resurrected” running smoothly, they had to address numerous bugs involving MoltenVK and SPIRV-Cross. It is expected that each DirectX 12 game will require individual support and may involve multiple bug fixes.

The first beta version of CrossOver 23, featuring DirectX 12 support, is set to release this summer, followed by the official release later this year. It’s worth noting that since 2020, CrossOver users have been able to play Windows games natively on Apple Silicon Macs.

This upcoming update to CrossOver with DirectX 12 support opens up new possibilities for gamers, offering improved performance and graphical enhancements. While there may be some initial complexities and challenges, the commitment of CodeWeavers to provide a smooth experience is evident.

Keep an eye out for the beta release this summer and get ready to enjoy your favorite Windows games on macOS, Linux, and ChromeOS like never before.

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