Customise complications on Apple Watch with emojis and text

Apple has been expanding the customisation capabilities of Apple Watch with watchOS 2 as well as by releasing new bands and models. One of the best new features of watchOS 2 is third party complications that can be added to certain watch faces. Unknown to many, third party complications can also be used for aesthetic purposes and more, instead of just showing information from third party apps.

Monogram Plus is one such app for iPhone that allows you to add emojis or text to any of the available third party complication areas across the Apple Watch faces which support it. You can add things such as reminders or just plain silly emojis to make your Watch face look just the way you want. The app divides the different complications into sections so you know if you are adding content to a large complication or a smaller one.

Customise complications on Apple Watch with emojis and more
You will need watchOS 2 on Apple Watch to use third party complications

Make sure that you have selected the third party complications to show from Monogram Plus in the Watch settings on your iPhone. Once the updates are done, they sync right away to Apple Watch. To refresh the complications on Apple Watch, force touch the display and tap on ‘Refresh Complications’.

Personal is another app that lets you do the same but it also include an app for Apple Watch to do the customisation.

Third party complications still leave a lot to be desired. They are not available in custom photo watch faces which really restricts their usage for many users.

However, these apps provide a new level of personalisation. If this suits your needs, Monogram Plus and Personal are available for $0.99 in the App Store.

Download Monogram Plus

Download Personal

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