How to delete the Windows old folder on Windows 11

Sometimes when you upgrade to a newer version of Windows 11, the setup process saves a copy of the previous version in the “Windows old” folder.

This is part of a safety mechanism in case the upgrade process goes wrong, the system will use the “Windows old” folder to undo the changes, and if the upgrade completes successfully the backup copy of the previous version will remain for the option to roll back if the new installation starts causing bugs and issues.

This is a useful feature but if your device works perfectly after the upgrade, you can safely delete the previous installation files to reclaim storage space. In this guide, we will show you how to safely delete the Windows old folder on Windows 11.

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Here is How to delete the Windows old folder on Windows 11

How to delete Windows old files from Storage Sense Settings

  1. Open Settings > Click on System > click on Storage.Windows old Windows 11_1
  2. Under the Apps & features option, click the Temporary files option.Windows old Windows 11_2
  3. Select the Previous version of Windows or Temporary Windows installation files check box.
    Windows old Windows 11_3
  4. Click on Remove files.Windows old Windows 11_4

How to delete Windows old folders from Disk cleanup

  1. Open File Explorer > click on This PC > under the Devices and drives > right-click the drive with the Windows 11 installation (usually the C drive) > click on the Properties option.Windows old Windows 11_5
  2. In the General tab, click the Disk Cleanup button.Windows old Windows 11_6
  3. Click the Cleanup system files button.Windows old Windows 11_7
  4. Check the Previous Windows installation(s) option.Windows old Windows 11_8
  5. Click the OK button > click the Delete Files button > and click the Yes button.

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