Docker for M1 Macs gets new preview with working Kubernetes and more

Docker for M1 Macs has received a new technical preview release. The major feature in this release is that Kubernetes now works, along with a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.

The first technical preview for Docker for M1 Macs was released back in December. It was released with support for x86 and arm64v8 images, however, it was a bit buggy and results in kernel panics for many users. Despite the bugs, uses who were able to run it reported that the performance was really good.

Docker for M1 Mac Apple Silicon

Docker for M1 Macs now support Kubernetes

As per Docker, the first preview build was developed and tested using one M1 MacBook, however, Docker has since expanded its testing to multiple M1 Macs. With an automated build and test pipeline in place, Docker team expects release preview builds on a regular basis with improvements to quality.

Here are the complete release notes from Docker for this preview:

  • Kubernetes now works (although you might need to reset the cluster in our Troubleshoot menu one time to regenerate the certificates).
  • The host.docker.internal and vm.docker.internal DNS entries now resolve.
  • We removed hard-coded IP addresses: it now dynamically discovers the IP allocated by macOS.
  • osxfs file sharing now works.
  • We made a configuration change that should improve disk performance.
  • The Restart option in the Docker menu works.

Docker’s official blog post notes that HTTP proxy support is still work-in-progress so any configuration on the host will be ignored.

Although Docker for M1 Mac is still in preview, you can download and test it from here. Make sure to share any bugs that you encounter on Docker’s official GitHub so they can be fixed before the official release.

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