Visual Studio Code gets Apple Silicon M1 Mac support in stable release

Visual Studio Code has received a new stable update for February 2021, version 1.54. This update brings native Apple Silicon M1 Mac support, which had been in testing with Insiders for the last few months. The new VS Code update is available as a Universal binary, which means that the same executable file will work on both Intel-based and Apple Silicon-based Macs.

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Download Visual Studio Code version 1.54 with Apple Silicon M1 Mac support

The announcement was made in the release notes for version 1.54, which was soon followed up by version 1.54.1 with a fix for extension dependency. The team noted that although VS Code worked with Rosetta before, it will perform much better and provide longer battery life during use on M1 MacBooks, thanks to native Apple Silicon support.

We are happy to announce our first release of stable Apple Silicon builds this iteration. Users on Macs with M1 chips can now use VS Code without emulation with Rosetta, and will notice better performance and longer battery life when running VS Code. Thanks to the community for self-hosting with the Insiders build and reporting issues early in the iteration.

Despite the Universal build, VS Code is still available as individual Intel and Apple Silicon builds. This helps to reduce the size of the download, however, it is not that big of a difference that users can’t just download the Universal version.

The default download of VS Code for macOS is now a Universal build that runs natively on all Macs. On the Downloads page, you can find more links to architecture-specific builds for Intel or Apple Silicon, which are smaller downloads compared to the Universal package.

The update also features other changes like accessibility improvements, persistent terminal processes, product icon themes, timeline view improvements, auto reload notebooks, remote ports table view, bracket extensions, and more.

You can download the new Visual Studio Code build for Apple Silicon here.

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