Download Samsung Galaxy S7 wallpapers for any smartphone

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 has been everything that users wanted and then some. It brought back the much desired memory card slot, an even better camera than Galaxy S6 while keeping the beautiful metallic body design. And though Samsung’s TouchWiz reaches the highest levels of ugliness, the bundled wallpapers are not bad at all.

As is the current trend with most smartphone manufacturers, Samsung has bundled abstract wallpapers with Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Some have solid lines and colors while others have light effects and random shapes. These might remind you of Android Marshmallow’s abstract wallpapers. I tried them out on my iPhone 6 Plus and I must admit that these wallpapers have been pleasant to look at.

Download Samsung Galaxy S7 wallpapers for any smartphone
Galaxy S7 has beautiful abstract wallpapers

If you are interested, you can download the complete wallpapers pack from the link below.

Download Galaxy S7 wallpapers (via Reddit)

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