Get Dynamic Island on any Android phone with dynamicSpot app

You can now get Dynamic Island on any Android phone through the new dynamicSpot app, available in beta in the Google Play Store. The app works similarly to iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island and provides quick controls and notifications for music playback, timers, and battery status. The app is still in beta and more features are expected to launch soon.

dynamicSpot Dynamic Island for Android

dynamicSpot brings Dynamic Island to all Android devices

The developers do not hide the fact that dynamicSpot brings the iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island feature to Android. It appears to mimic the functionality by showing notifications around the camera cutout on Android phones and seems to work fine on smartphones like Google Pixel 6.

dynamicSpot works with Android’s notifications system so it shows notifications from every app that supports them, in addition to showing playback controls for all music apps. The app also shows special events like running timers, as well as battery percentage alerts.

Just like Dynamic Island, users have to press and hold on notifications to expand them. Just like default Android notifications, the expanded notifications also show quick actions such as the ability to messages as read.

One of the highlight features of dynamicSpot, as shared by the developers, is that it is customizable, unlike iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island. Users get control over various features such as:

  • Dimensions of the pop-up such as width, length, and roundedness of the edges.
  • Ability to show two pop-ups if multiple notifications appear.
  • Ability to show on the lockscreen (paid feature).
  • Swipe to clear notifications.
  • Change single tap and long press interactions for notifications (paid feature).
  • Configure when the expanded popup closes and after how much time

With the initial beta release, dynamicSpot shows real potential of providing the first complete Dynamic Island experience for Android users, irrespective of their phone manufacturer. Manufacturers like realme are also working on their official replica of iPhone 14 Pro’s beloved feature.

Download dynamicSpot from Google Play Store

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