Facebook’s Dark Mode for iOS is ready for releasing soon

Facebook is starting to test its long-awaited dark mode for iOS and iPadOS devices. A handful of Facebook users have received the update in their apps and shared the screenshots of the theme on Twitter. Back in April, it was reported that the company was developing Dark Mode for its iOS and iPadOS apps. However, the feature was not available for the public at that time.

There has been a lot of hype about the new Dark Mode, a simple toggle that lets users change the theme color of their apps. The feature was immediately adopted after its launch on iOS and Android, with many apps introducing the toggle within their UI. With users spending an average of over 11 hours on their smartphones, the feature is easy on the eyes and helps users to avoid dry and itchy eyes.

Facebook confirmed to Social Media Today that it is slowly rolling out the new feature to “a small percentage of users globally right now”.


Dark Mode for iOS users

The feature can be seen in action in screenshots posted by twitter user @NotFridayCraig, displaying the new option available under Facebook’s Settings and Privacy option. The company is aiming for a grey tone with white fonts and will be seen in all pages including home, timeline, watch, notifications, and more.


Another Twitter handle, Nick L. (@Uber_Blogger) shared screenshots after coming across the new background option in the Facebook app.


Other Facebook company-owned sister apps already have the feature on their iOS apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger since iOS 13 arrived. The company also recently added support for dark mode on Facebook’s website across all web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and more. Facebook is focusing on a dark mode that is different from others by giving is a grey tone, making it easy on the eyes for its users. Some recent studies have also indicated that Dark Mode increases battery performance by 30% on iPhones.

With users starting to see Facebook’s new feature in their apps, it seems like Facebook’s dark mode for iOS is very close to an official release. As shared by Facebook, the feature can only be accessed by a handful of users in the official app. Facebook’s Android app is also expecting the feature to roll out in its next update.

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