Facebook Messenger App Contains Code for Video Chat

The folks over at 9to5mac have found a little nugget hiding inside of Facebook’s new Messenger app that was released yesterday. It appears that the Facebook application contains code for a video call component. See the screenshots below:

The Video call component appears to work on both Android and the iPhone version. This should not come as much of a surprise as Facebook recently released their Skype video call integration on the Desktop. The code for the Video Calling looks very elementary now, so it probably won’t be a small tweak to get it working. Let’s hope the Facebook brings a iPad specific version of the app, which could be why they are waiting to release the video portion.

Facebook’s Messenger app was released yesterday, and is part of Facebook’s plan to keep everyone connected at all times. The new app allows you to message a single person or group instantly right from your device. You can read more about it here, which also has a download link to get the app for your device.

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