Final Fantasy creator’s Fantasian finally arrives on Apple Arcade

A new RPG from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi has been released on Apple Arcade is available to play. Before arriving on Apple Arcade, the game was launched in select countries. The new game, Fantasian, shares its release day with a 27-year-old game called Final Fantasy VI.

Fantasian comes from Sakaguchi’s studio called Mistwalker which he founded back in 2004. The studio has released games like Blue Dragon and The Last Story over the years. Fantasian has been designed with handcrafted physical models, featuring more than 150 dioramas.

Fantasian Apple Arcade

Fantasian finally arrives on Apple Arcade

According to Sakaguchi’s tweet, the game was coincidentally released on the same day as Final Fantasy VI. The game was initially released in Japan.

According to Sakaguchi, Fantasian was created to deliver a console-like experience on mobile devices. Though the game features touch controls. The story of the game follows a realm governed by machines. In this multi-dimensional universe, players will take the role of the protagonist, Leo, who wakes from a massive explosion only to find himself lost in a peculiar land with only one memory left to him. As players set out on the journey to reclaim Leo’s memories, they will come across mysteries of the bizarre mechanical infection slowly engulfing all that is known to mankind.

Fantasian Apple Arcade

The game features a new mechanic called Dimengeon Battle. Dimengeon allows players to trap enemies they encounter into another dimension, and then they can battle it out with them without any interruptions and explore the many beautiful locations. The soundtrack of the game is composed by Nobuo Uematsu who is magnificently known for his work in the Final Fantasy franchise. He created a soundtrack to complement the memorable and magical world of Fantasian.

Previously, a remastered version of Final Fantasy VIII developed by Square ENIX arrived on App Store and Google Play. The game currently has a promotional price of $16.99 until 4th April. Fantasian is available on Apple Arcade and you can try it for free. What are your thoughts about this new action-packed role-playing game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

You can check out the feature trailer for Fantasian here.


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