Foldable iPhone concept imagines a flip design with triple rear-cameras and a secondary display

Samsung has two foldable phones, Galaxy Z Flip and Fold, and rumor mills claim that Apple is working on a foldable iPhone as well. Based on industry reports and patents, ADRstudiodesign has shared a foldable iPhone concept that is similar in design to Samsung’s Flip Z but with slight tweaks.

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Previously it was claimed that Apple will launch its first foldable iPhone in 2023 which will feature an 8-inch display joined with a hinge in the middle, and support Apple Pencil. But a recent report stated that the tech giant is testing multiple foldable iPhone prototypes with the knowledge of the shortcoming of the current foldable smartphones available in the market and the alleged iPhone is in the prototype stage will not launch by next year.

A concept shows foldable iPhone powered by M1 chip, thinner design, larger display, and more

Calling the foldable iPhone concept “iPhoneAir”, ADRStudioDesign imagines the smartphone will feature the powerful M1 processor and will have a vertical flip fold design to give it versatility; open smartphone to use the larger display or fold it to make it compact and easy to carry or slid in the pocket.

foldable iPhone

The “Air” branding referees the smartphone’s lightweight and slim design. Interestingly, the concept places the iPhone Pro three lenses camera system in a secondary display on the exterior. The smaller display also shows time and date. In the concept video, the ‘iPhoneAir’ comes in four pastel color options: pink, white, green, and white with custom wallpapers.

Previously, YouTuber Scotty from ‘Strange Parts’ created a physical foldable iPhone concept model like Galaxy Fold and he used Raspberry Pi to get iOS onto a couple of folding displays.

He got two foldable displays from Ali Express for $500. One of the screens which had more flexibility was thinner, and the other one was quite thick but it carried a digitizer, better contrast, improved resolution, etc. And then he mirrored his iPhone’s screen via AirPlay to the Raspberry Pi to provide a good look at a folding iPhone.

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