Apple’s foldable iPhone with Apple Pencil support to launch in 2023

Early rumors that insinuated Apple was working on a foldable iPhone surfaced in late 2017. More recent rumors that have popped up in 2021 suggest that the company is internally testing early prototypes for the foldable iPhone in its labs.

The foldable smartphone was predicted to launch in late 2022, but a new report from analytic firm EqualOcean pushes that back to 2023. The report also claims the foldable iPhone will support a stylus.

Apple's foldable iPhone with Apple Pencil support to launch in 2023

Apple’s foldable iPhone will reportedly be equipped with Apple Pencil support

In research cited by Chinse investment research firm EqualOcean, brought forth by iPhone in Canada, Omdia suggests that Apple will launch its foldable iPhone in 2021. As per the report, the device will have a display size in the range of 7.3 to 7.6-inches and feature an OLED panel.

“Omdia, a global communications and digital media research organization, predicts that Apple may launch a 7.3-7.6-inch foldable OLED smartphone in 2023 and add an activity pen to its foldable iPhone.”

The most intriguing part of the report is the claim that the foldable iPhone will support a stylus. We do not know if the report is referring to the current Apple Pencil that is used by select iPads or if Apple will develop a new stylus exclusively for the rumored iPhone.

The Apple Pencil has become a must-have for anyone who works digitally, creates art, or likes to take notes on their iPad. It excels in productivity tasks, illustration, and handwriting. It may not be restricted to select iPads for much longer though, since the foldable iPhone may feature a 7-inch display, which is roughly the same size as the iPad mini.

Apple Pencil

This claim regarding Apple adding a stylus to the folding iPhone is especially interesting given Steve Jobs’ dismissive stance on including a stylus with the original iPhone. During the 2007 iPhone keynotes, Jobs said, “Nobody wants a stylus. So let’s not use a stylus.”

It is important to note that EqualOcean is not known for its leaked information so its latest report may not be accurate. Nevertheless, it is still an interesting claim that opposes the iPhone creator’s opinion on styluses. We will be keeping an eye on the development of the foldable iPhone, so be sure to stay tuned for future updates!

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