Apple is working on a foldable iPhone and in-screen Touch ID for iPhone 12s

Apple is internally testing early prototypes for foldable iPhone in its labs. The company is looking at a foldable screen that could open up to a 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max size display. For this year, Apple is also testing in-screen Touch ID for iPhone 13, but no other major updates other than that.

The new report comes from Bloomberg, which has spent the day revealing a lot about upcoming desktop Macs, redesign MacBook Pro, and Apple’s podcast subscription service. The report does not reveal a lot of new information, however, it corroborates what we have already heard from other sources regarding Apple’s interest in a foldable iPhone, and its plans to include in-screen Touch ID in iPhone 13.

Foldable iPhone with hinge

Apple is looking into a foldable iPhone

Regarding the foldable iPhone, Bloomberg says that Apple is testing prototype displays in its labs but has not yet started testing full handset prototypes. The company’s foldable iPhone plans are similar to those of Samsung Fold and Motorola Razr, however, it is certain that Apple will not release such a product unless it is certain of its quality and longevity. Current foldable devices show creases in the display, which impact the user experience, and have even shown reliability issues. For now, the company is focused on its upcoming iPad and iPhone models.

We have covered various reports regarding Apple’s foldable iPhone in the past:

iPhone 12s with minor updates

This will not come as a surprise to anyone but the 2021 iPhone is expected to be a minor ‘S’ update. Bloomberg reports that the biggest change would be the addition of an in-screen Touch ID, which would work along with Face ID, on iPhone 12s or iPhone 13, whichever name Apple decides to use.

Other reports have already said that the new iPhone is expected to have a 120Hz ProMotion display with LPTO tech, WiFi 6E, smaller notch, and minor ultra-wide camera improvements, but that seems to be the extent of the changes. The company will also be looking to use a new A15 chip in its next-generation iPhone, probably cooled by a vapor chamber.

iPad Pro with mini-LED and faster internals

The report ends with a bit of information regarding the upcoming iPad Pro, which is expected to feature a mini-LED display, an A14x chip, and 5G networking. The entry-level iPad is also expected to get an iPad Air-like design and get rid of the old design language, along with iPad mini.

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